Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 30- Hadrians Wall

Today we woke up bright and early and hopped on our bus to continue on our journey back to England.  I have to note our crazy bus driver tracy.  Here's just a little bit about tracy- she hits walls and keeps going, she makes ME carsick (that's a skill), she inches up at red lights, she takes ciggy breaks and smokes the second we stop, she yells at us for being late, AND she's given us all an inside joke and provided lots of laughs during our trip.  Trace was a gem :)

Our first stop was the Scotland/England border.  Goodbye Scotland! You were good to me.  

Back to England we go! 

Our second stop was Hadrian's wall.  This was so cool! I was surprised at how long it was and that they allowed us to climb all over them and take some pictures.  

The only bad part about all of this was that the weather was TERRIBLE! It started raining and it was so windy we all were so cold.  It was a bummer because we really could have spent so much time there, but we all just wanted to go back to the bus and get warm.  

Our third stop was Durham.  Here we are in front of the Cathedral! 

After the Cathedral, we stopped at an Alice and Wonderland themed bakery.  I got the yummiest sandwich and some of the others got some cute cupcakes.  This store was adorable! Don't mind my hair- Hadrian won our fight.  

Our final stop was fountains abbey.  This was my favorite stop of the day it was so cool! I felt like I was on a movie set of Lord of the Rings it didn't even seem real.  

How cool is that?!

It also had some gardens that we walked around after and that was so fun.  

After that we checked into our hostel at Haworth AKA the Haunted Mansion haha!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared that night, but we survived with no deaths! Seriously so funny. 

Today was so great! I have loved seeing this side of England- it really is so beautiful.  

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