Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 52- Escorial & Valley of the Fallen

Today we left Madrid and made our way to Segovia! We made some pit stops on the way. 

Golden buns :)

We wanted to see if maybe the palace was open, but it wasn't.  Dang! 

We hopped in the car and made our way to el escorial.  This is where all of the kings and queens of Spain are buried.  It was so cool inside! 

Then we went to Valley of the Fallen.  This place was probably my favorite it was so amazing! It is a memorial Spain made for all those that died in the civil war and it is built into the mountain.  It's huge!!! I absolutely loved it.  

So my dad was about to take a picture of my mom and me and was in the most awkward position to try and get everything in, then lost his balance and slipped and fell.  It was probably the funniest moment!! Mom mom and I were dying- as you can tell :)   

 Luckily my dad popped up and took some pics of us in the action.  Love these two! 

Then we checked into our hotel in Segovia and went swimming.  There is Segovia from our hotel!! Amazing hotel, view, and place.  

I finally got to read insurgent and couldn't put it down.  Finished it in under 24 hours! Whoops. 

We went into town for a little dinner.  Here we are by the Roman Aqueduct! 

The cathedral- so beautiful! 

Cutest streets here.  I love Spain!!! 

My nice daddy bought me a Real Madrid jersey to rep at home and while i'm on my mission. He's the nicest! 

We went to dinner at this little cafe and had the best ham and cheese croissant it was so yummy.  Then, finished off with a little treat :) I'll be day dreaming about this one.  

I LOVE THESE TWO! That's all.  I'm steppin up in my photography game :) They are the best i'm so happy to be on this trip with them.  We are having so much fun! 

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  1. i know that bummy is golden because you were rubbin it!!!