Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 50- ESPAÑA

After an early start, we hpped on a plane and made our way to SPAIN! It has always been a place on my bucket list and now that I have my call there, I have been counting down the seconds for this day.  Our first stop- Madrid! 

My dad and I in front of the government building.  Something about Spain that I love- there are Spain flags EVERYWHERE! Spaniards sure love their country. It's great. 

Then we went over to the park and looked around.  We may or may not have crashed for an hour or so ;) The weather here is amazing! 

Posing like a statue... Which you can't really see ha! 

We then went to the Prado art museum which was really fun.  I even recognized some of the paintings! That's always a fun feeling.  

Here I am with my first Churro con chocolate.  YUM! I have a feeling i'm going to be eating this a lot the next 18 months.  

I LOVE SPAIN! It is such a fun place and I can't wait to be back in September.  Although I can't understand a word anyone is saying which is a little overwhelming, but i'll get there! I really feel so blessed.  

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