Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 33- Spiritual Sundays

I am the worst and did not take any pictures today, so it's just me journaling today.  Today I had a really amazing experience at church.  We were in sunday school and we were talking about sharing the priesthood by storytelling.  Joe called me right on the spot to SHARE and I went completely blank and it took me a minute to think of a spiritual story to tell.  All of the sudden my story of how I decided to go on a mission popped into my head, so I decided to share it not really thinking anything of it.  During fast and testimony meeting, a girl in my program got up to bare her testimony and talked about how the Lord answers prayers.  he talked about how a story someone shared in sunday school really touched her and was exactly what she needed to hear, again me not really thinking of anything.  After church she came up to me and through tears, she told me that it was me.  I was so surprised and was very grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping that girl through me.  I was also grateful that she SHARED the thought with me, otherwise I never would've known.  So now I am SHARING this experience.  Wow the church is so awesome.  I loved church today!

After church we came home and just relaxed and took naps.  After dinner we had an awesome fireside. Brother Faulkner talked about how some people do x, so they can get y while others have the mindset of if I do x, then I get y.  I have heard this before, but I he shared something that I hadn't thought of before.  He said that those who have the first mindset are the perfectionists and will more often that not fall short and become disappointed.  Dang it.  He then related it to the gospel and said that we should have the mindset of I do x because I have been given y.  This was so for me.  I was feeling very anxious about my mission today, and this helped me feel a little bit better.  Because I have been given much I to must give! Serving a mission will be hard, but I have been given so much that I am willing to do hard things for a little bit- and I can do it! The church is true and I love it.  

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