Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 45- I See London

Today was our last "field trip" and oh how sad this makes me! I am excited to see my family, but I am going to miss this so much.  We spent the morning at St Pauls Cathedral and it was so fun.  One of my favorite places in London! 

Mckayla and I at the first view point on the way to the top. 

We made it to the top! And our dogs were BARKING if you know what I mean. 1,000 plus stairs will get ya! 

After St Pauls we began our last walk.  We found a falafel restaurant and decided to try it and it was not very good dang it.  Falafel is this friend veggie thing and it was okay at first, but by the end we all just felt kind of sick.  Oh well! We then just wandered a little bit around London it was so fun! It was just Jess, Mckayla, and me and I seriously love these girls so much.  They have made this experience so fun for me! 

After dinner we went to the eye! I have done this before and it still is so cool to me to see this view of London at night.  I'm going to miss this beautiful place! 

Right after Mckayla's handstand pic... HA! 

Me with Bennie Boo Boo Boo 

London is beautiful!! I feel so blessed to be here.  This is the greatest idea I am so glad I got to do this.  I am happy! 

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  1. My dogs are barkin! Makes me miss wetty :) And I love your scarfie! Makes me happy to see you wear it.