Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 48- all good things come to an end

Today was my last official day of my semester abroad and I really am so sad.  It was the best experience and I had the best group.  London really feels like my second home.  I am going to miss it so much! 

We started off the morning taking all of our finals- bleh.  But hey those were my last ones for two whole years!! Then I finished up packing and guess who arrived... 

MY PARENTS! Wahoo let the party begin!!! They really are the best.  7 weeks is too long without them! 

Finished off our last sleeve of digestives.. heaven on earth these guys.  

Since it was our last night, we were feeling extra spontaneous and did some exploring of London at 1 a.m. Glad I did it, probably won't do it again :)

I love these girls!!! So sad to be leaving them.  

Our beloved Palace Court.  I will miss you so much!! 

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