Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 36- Dover and Canterbury

Today was our day trip to Dover and Canterbury.  It rained like crazy, but we still managed to have some fun :)

Courtney and I in front of the cliffs! They were absolutely stunning.  

The only down side to it all was that we didn't have time to go down to the harbor, so this was as close as we got.  Still so pretty though! 

Then we made our way over to the Dover Castle.  We did things a little backwards and climbed to the top first.  

The inside of the castle had lots of tunnels inside- so cool!

The inside was really fun- they had lots of props on display as you can see ;)

After that we went to St. Augustine's Abbey.  It was so green and so beautiful! There were lots of ruins that we got to climb all over it was so fun.  

Love this girl! 

Then we went to the Canterbury Cathedral.  This was absolutely beautiful!

We did some shopping in Canterbury, then we went back and watched their service.  I'll be honest- it was a little weird, but it was really cool to see how other churches run things.  It also made me grateful for our church.  They recited their prayers in a book and I am very grateful that we don't do that.  I will never take personal prayer for granted! 

Today was such a great day.  We even got Nathan as our bus driver back YAY! Life is good :)

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