Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 54- Toledo

We made it to Toledo! Our first day was a sunday and I have been so excited to see what church in Spain is like.  I couldn't understand a lick, but I still felt the spirit and loved every minute.  I even got to talk to some missionaries and they made me so excited! 

Love my paps :) 

and my cute mama! Seriously church was so great.  I'm crossing my fingers that I get assigned here! 

After church we went to the Greco museum and I actually really enjoyed this! It was in a unique building and it wasn't too overwhelming.  

a view from the inside of the museum- so pretty! 

Like Father like daughter :)

 Found our little buddy! 

Ate way too many of these... Diet starts NEXT monday! :)

Here we are in front of the Cathedral.  We were too cheap to go in, so we just enjoyed it from the outside.  

Here is the view of all of beautiful Toledo! 

Tonight for dinner I no joke ate diet coke chocolate and pistachios... I don't even like diet coke!! Snacking will do that to you.  We decided to go for a little walk after that one! 

My favorite street in Toledo! They are all decorated so cute.  I love this place! 

When we got home, we looked out our window and there was a firework show! We are spoiled rotten. Loving like here!! Today was wonderful. 

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