Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

 Mi Familia!

Hi cute family. Happy to hear that everyone is doing well. I have to
start off saying thank you for your thoughts  and your prayers....
Ramber's  mom gave him permission and he is  getting  baptized this
Sunday! Oh it was the biggest miracle and the whole ward is  so
excited.  They announced it in church and the  whole  ward just gasped
haha it was the cutest thing.   We are so excited! So that  was our
big  miracle this  week. Stay tuned for pictures  next week!

The other miracle that happened this week was Sonia. We met with her
this  week and since last saturday she  has only smoked twice! And the
miracle is that she couldn''t even finish the  two that she started.
She has tried  quitting before,   but never had much  success. This
time  though,   she said that she literally felt sick  after and now
no longer  has the desires. So happy!! Sad that she is sick, but
prayer really does work! Her brother has been in  town and they have
been traveling   all over Spain so she  couldn't come to church. BUT.
He leaves tomorrow so she should  be  ready to go pronto :)

I  was spoiled rotten this week. After over a year I  got to be with
Hermana  Toone again! Oh I  love intercambios. We teach a lot better
than we did 16 months ago ;) She is such a great missionary and I feel
so grateful to have had her by my side through my whole mission. We
got to teach Nicole and Lenny when we were together and both lessons
went so well. Except they didn't come to church yesterday... We're
working on it though. We don't have much time with Nicole though
because she is going to Peru to visit her family for 2 months.
AWESOME. That's okay though she can meet with missionaries there with
her family.

We were very blessed this week with the worldwide missionary
devotional. It was amazing! One of the things I wanted to share with
you was what Elder Oaks shared. He was talking about repentance and
how when we repent, the Atonement not only CLEANSES us, but
STRENGTHENS us. It all clicked for me when he said that! Heavenly
Father knew we were going to make mistakes and guess what- we grow
from them! And that's why we are here! Heavenly Father's plan is
perfect. And I'm very grateful for repentance and hoping that I can
teach it better so my investigators understand the blessing that it

That wraps it up I think. We were very blessed to find lots of new
people to teach this week that I am really excited about. We are ready
to work hard this last week of the transfer so Hermana West can finish
strong. I'm grateful to work with her and everything that she teaches
me. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Marsh

Sleepover pics... :)
Our member failed on us so we met on their porch hahah Ramber!!! :)

 Llao Llao with one of my favorite people in the whole world!

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hi Family!

YAY OLIVIA!!!! She´s coming to Spain!! I totally called it. Oh I love
this country and I'm so excited to share it with her! Paella, churros,
and tortilla parties will definitely be happening. Best news of the
week :) Happy to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. It's always
the highlight of my week to hear from you guys. This week was a great

The highlight this week was... the temple! We were supposed to go this
week, but the temple is closed so we assumed that we wouldn't get to
go this transfer. It's my companions last transfer though, so we got a
phone call from the AP's one night asking us if we wanted to go the
next day. Of course!! I don't know what it was, but this time was SO
amazing. I mean it always is, but this time was even more incredible
for me. I love the temple!

We had concilio this week as well which is always a highlight. I feel
like a broken record, but I always leave feeling so grateful to be a
missionary. It's so fun to be with other missionaries and the Pack's
talking about the things and people that we love. And we even stole
the Gijon hermanas (Santiago and Rossberg) after to help us with our
work and for a sleepover :) It was exactly was I needed. So grateful
to be a missionary!

Our people are doing great. We visited Sonia a few times this week and
as of Saturday she is cigarette free! Her brother is here visiting and
that was the biggest blessing. She's having a hard time dropping
smoking (as anyone would) and he is keeping her distracted and busy.
The only sad part is she didn't come to church yesterday... and I
don't know why! The worst. Still excited about her though. Nicole is
kind of in the same boat. Great lessons during the week, but something
always comes up on Sundays. We had a really great lesson with her
yesterday though, so hopefully she'll make it more of a priority.

We still have faith with Ramber!! The answer is still kind of up in
the air, but it's not a no! We had ward council yesterday and
seriously the whole ward is praying for him.  We love him and are
praying hard for him.

We have our English class miracle... Lenny. He is my favorite right
now! He has been coming to english class for months now and we've been
trying to meet with him, but it's been a little hard over the
holidays. Things have settled down a little bit more though and we had
an AWESOME lesson with him this week. He's active in the catholic
church, but there are things that he doesn't like. He really wants to
know what church is true and is willing to act. He came to church and
everything!! Funny story though. We were walking to our lesson and I
was talking to him and not paying attention where I was going and ran
RIGHT into a pole. I have a bruised face and everything hahaha! So who
knows if he's coming out of pity for me or not, but we'll see :) I'm

I think that's about it for this week. We found a few new menos
activos that we are really excited about. And we are so excited for
the missionary devotional this week! We are very blessed missionaries
and are trying are hardest to make our Heavenly Father proud. I know
this church is true. My testimony is strengthened everyday by sharing
it and I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me
serve Him in Spain. It has changed me! I love you and am praying for

Hermana Marsh


Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Familia :)

Wade!!! Oh that was the best news I heard all week! And half of Spain
heard about it too :) Welcome to the world baby wade! Can't wait to
snuggle you soon. And Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Daddy! I'm the
luckiest daughter in the world. Thank you for all of the pictures,
videos, and updates this week. Happy to hear that everyone is happy
and healthy. The best news of the week is that festivos are over!!!
Los Reyes was great and everything, but wow am I excited to get back
in to normal mode. Still a wonderful week though!

We have been focusing a lot on Ramber this week and I honestly still
don't know if he will be able to be baptized this week or not. We had
a Noche de Hogar with them last night and he volunteered to offer the
lesson. Without us saying anything, the topic he picked was baptism.
He is the best! It was a great lesson, but his mom wasn't too happy.
It's so hard because everyone in the room was on board except her! We
are praying for a miracle. We left the room laughing so i'm not
worried about any hard feelings, I just really want this for Ramber.
Yamil has helped a lot though. He has such a strong testimony and it's
been fun to talk with him in English!

Sonia is great. She has officially quit smoking, stopped drinking
coffee, broke up with her boyfriend, and is coming to church every
week instead of the Catholic church she went to before. Who is this
girl?! She is the most willing and determined person I have ever met.
We are planning her baptism for the 22nd and I know she can do it! We
just need a couple more weeks to make sure she is free from her
addictions. Pray for her!

Nicole is doing well. She hasn't been keeping up with her commitments
though, so we decided to just read with her this week. It was
incredible she understands everything! I seriously am shocked I don't
know where it is coming from haha but I think we made a big change
this week. She wasn't able to come to church this week though which
was a little disheartening, but we're working on it. She's so cute she
made a cake for my companion for her birthday, but it burned while we
were in the lesson haha whoops! It's the thought that counts :)

Remember Aga? The woman from Poland? She has a lot of things going on
and it is going to be a long road, but we taught the gospel of Jesus
Christ this week and it was such a powerful lesson. She wants to get
baptized but has SO many things in her past and doesn't believe that
she could ever be worthy of such an amazing thing. We assured her that
the Atonement was made for EVERYONE and that could be forgiven for
everything. She asked for a blessing of comfort and it went really
well. Thank you Elders! She has cut down her smoking in half and
stayed for all of church yesterday for the first time (she normally
can't go that long without smoking). She's the most selfless person I
know. She gave me shoes for absolutely no reason this week. I can't
handle how nice the people here are sometimes!

So there's just a few of the miracles we've seen this week. We're very
blessed that is for sure. Hard things happen every single day out
here, but we always come home feeling grateful for the experiences we
have been given and for the opportunity to learn from them. We have
fun things coming up too! We have concilio this week and then a world
wide missionary devotional the next. We are excited! It's a wonderful
time to be a missionary. Especially in Spain :) I love you guys and am
praying for you every day! Thank you for everything- have a great

Hermana Marsh

I present: Roscon de Reyes and THICK spanish hot chocolate. We
couldn't get more spanish haha Feilz Reyes!
 Nilo! He took us out for milkshakes for my companions birthday :) HE

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Mi Familia :)

Happy 2016!!! That means Birthday week for so many of my favorites!
Happy Birthday Steph, Oliver, Tisha, Dad, and Baby Boy (come
already!!). I love you all and am so grateful for your positive
influences in my life. I'm the person I am today thanks to you guys! I
hope you have great days and are spoiled rotten :) Today, I feel
really grateful. The miracles that happened this week were amazing and
I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for them.

I look back at the week, and I really am astounded at the work we were
able to do. It is SO HARD to work with people during this time of the
year. Between Christmas, New Years, and Los Reyes (Jan 6th holiday
here in Spain that is bigger than Christmas) not very many people are
exactly excited to meet with us. I'm not going to lie when I was
absolutely dreading this week, but Heavenly Father is SO good. I am
amazed that we had things to do all week! We started the majority of
the days mainly blank, and come home with a day full of lessons. Every
time. I don't understand it, but Heavenly Father is just so good! And
the best news is- after Wednesday the holidays will be over and the
work will be normal again! But seriously I can't say it enough. I'm
astounded by the work we were able to do.

Before I get into the spiritual stuff though, the greatest thing
happened this week. I went to Costco! And oh is it beautiful. We had
interviews with President Pack, and then they let us tag along after.
Costco is great. Everyone go this week for me. Also we went bowling
today and I WON! Elders included! Not bad for not having bowled for a
year and a half ;) Okay now back to missionary things.

The best news this week... Yamil came home!! And Ramber is so excited
it is the cutest thing. He came home Tuesday and we have met with the
whole family twice since then. I still don't know if his mom will give
him permission, but she invited us over for lunch this next week which
is HUGE! We are hoping to get to talk to her about the baptism. But we
have been fasting and praying and I have faith that Ramber will do it
the 16th!

Sonia is also doing SO well. We pushed her fecha back a week so she'll
have a little more time to get out of the habit of smoking, but wow
that woman is determined. And so excited! I love it! She really is so
good to us. It was my companions birthday yesterday and she threw her
the cutest party. Complete with a Hello Kitty cake and everything haha
:) She's the greatest.

Lourdes goes to Ecuador this week- AH. We are going to get her ready
to go to church there though so she can come home to a BAPTISM. My
only worry is that her family isn't really on board with the whole
mormon thing, but she'll be okay. She's great and her daughter is the
cutest thing!

Nicole came to church for the first time this week and she loved it!
She finally didn't have to work this week and it was the greatest
miracle. A lot of the members already know her since she has come to
lots of the activities and they were so cute with her. I love this
ward! She has made a lot of progress this week i'm really excited for

Remember Angel and Elena? The ones that are waiting on papers and were
supposed to get baptized Christmas Eve? Well obviously that didn't
happen, and we found out some good news and some bad news this week.
The good news is the papers are basically done and will be here at the
end of February when her daughter comes to visit. The bad news is
Elena does NOT want to get married/baptized in March because that is
when her and her ex-husband got married. So the ball is rolling which
is good! Sad that I won't be here for it, but i'll get some pictures

I think that is about it for our investigators. We are teaching some
others, but those are the ones that are really progressing. And I am
so grateful for them! They make being a missionary a dream. Of course
it is still hands down the hardest thing I have ever done, but every
time I leave a lesson with them I am happy. This gospel makes me happy
and sharing it makes me even happier! Like I said earlier, I feel very
grateful today. Thank you for all you do. I love you and miss you!

Hermana Marsh

Happy Birthday Hermana West!!! Sonia is the greatest.
 New Years Eve UVAS! 
You have to eat 12 the last 12 seconds of the year. Harder than it looks, but fun!
 Birthday Breakfast! I made orange rolls :)
 P-day bowling, Madie sent us a video and she bowled a strike!