Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hi Family!

YAY OLIVIA!!!! She´s coming to Spain!! I totally called it. Oh I love
this country and I'm so excited to share it with her! Paella, churros,
and tortilla parties will definitely be happening. Best news of the
week :) Happy to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. It's always
the highlight of my week to hear from you guys. This week was a great

The highlight this week was... the temple! We were supposed to go this
week, but the temple is closed so we assumed that we wouldn't get to
go this transfer. It's my companions last transfer though, so we got a
phone call from the AP's one night asking us if we wanted to go the
next day. Of course!! I don't know what it was, but this time was SO
amazing. I mean it always is, but this time was even more incredible
for me. I love the temple!

We had concilio this week as well which is always a highlight. I feel
like a broken record, but I always leave feeling so grateful to be a
missionary. It's so fun to be with other missionaries and the Pack's
talking about the things and people that we love. And we even stole
the Gijon hermanas (Santiago and Rossberg) after to help us with our
work and for a sleepover :) It was exactly was I needed. So grateful
to be a missionary!

Our people are doing great. We visited Sonia a few times this week and
as of Saturday she is cigarette free! Her brother is here visiting and
that was the biggest blessing. She's having a hard time dropping
smoking (as anyone would) and he is keeping her distracted and busy.
The only sad part is she didn't come to church yesterday... and I
don't know why! The worst. Still excited about her though. Nicole is
kind of in the same boat. Great lessons during the week, but something
always comes up on Sundays. We had a really great lesson with her
yesterday though, so hopefully she'll make it more of a priority.

We still have faith with Ramber!! The answer is still kind of up in
the air, but it's not a no! We had ward council yesterday and
seriously the whole ward is praying for him.  We love him and are
praying hard for him.

We have our English class miracle... Lenny. He is my favorite right
now! He has been coming to english class for months now and we've been
trying to meet with him, but it's been a little hard over the
holidays. Things have settled down a little bit more though and we had
an AWESOME lesson with him this week. He's active in the catholic
church, but there are things that he doesn't like. He really wants to
know what church is true and is willing to act. He came to church and
everything!! Funny story though. We were walking to our lesson and I
was talking to him and not paying attention where I was going and ran
RIGHT into a pole. I have a bruised face and everything hahaha! So who
knows if he's coming out of pity for me or not, but we'll see :) I'm

I think that's about it for this week. We found a few new menos
activos that we are really excited about. And we are so excited for
the missionary devotional this week! We are very blessed missionaries
and are trying are hardest to make our Heavenly Father proud. I know
this church is true. My testimony is strengthened everyday by sharing
it and I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me
serve Him in Spain. It has changed me! I love you and am praying for

Hermana Marsh


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