Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Mis queridos, 

Happy Monday! So fun to hear from you guys. It looks like you had an
amazing thanksgiving! We had a great one here in Madrid. We had a zone
conference and Hermana Pack and Hermana Larsen are incredible. They
made a full thanksgiving dinner (pictured below) for ALL the Madrid
missionaries. That's about 150 people! It was sooo good. Then on
thanksgiving day we had a thanksgiving dinner made by missionaries.
Was it my mothers cooking? No, but we made it work :) We invited our
friends to come too which made it fun to be all together. A
thanksgiving to remember for sure. 

This week absolutely flew. Now that I think about it though this whole
month has flown. I can't believe it's December!! I'm excited
Christmastime is the best. But anyways! This week was so great.
Between the Zone Conference, Thanksgiving, and the miracles we got to
see, I feel VERY thankful to be a missionary here. During the
Conference we talked about the importance of working with members and
it was SO good for me. I always knew the importance to work with
members, but I never really knew how. We learned a lot though and I'm
excited to see the results.

Here's your Calixto update and funny story for the week. One of the
things they talked about how to work with members more was using
Seminary and Institute. So, we invited Calixto to come to institute
and had everything ready to go. It was 5 after, so we called him to
see where he said that he was at the church, so we hung up and just
kept waiting. Another 15 minutes passed and he was NO WHERE so we
called him again and he said that he was at the church waiting by the
TEMPLE in PAVONES. AHH!! I have no idea how the miscommunication
happened, but long story short we were late to institute :) Luckily
the temple isn't too far. He loved institute though the members here
are so awesome. They spent about 15 minutes planning everything for
his baptism. THIS SATURDAY! We are excited :)

Our next miracle this week was Lourdes. She was the woman we found in
the carpeta about 2 months ago. I haven't written about her in a
little bit because things have been a little slow with her husband not
really being on board with the whole thing. We had a lesson though and
she told us that her husband really isn't the problem, more she just
needs to make church a priority. She told us she didn't care if the
ceiling fell through, she would be at church. And for the first time
she came :) Biggest miracle!!! She is going to Ecuador for the month
of January which puts things on hold a little, but i'm very grateful
for the progress she is making.

I wanted to tell you about one more of our investigators that we met
with this week. Her name is Sonia and she is a machine. This week she
read 2/3 of the book of mormon. What?! She is literally is at the end
of Alma! Who is this girl?! I don't know how much of it she
understood, but she told us she knows that it is the word of God. She
has problems with the word of wisdom, but we set some goals and I have
faith that she can do it. She has come to church twice now and loves
it. Excited for her!

Oh one more thing. Nilo is still my miracle. With work he can only
come to church every other week, but he has come 3 weeks in a row! And
he made us ceviche again this week :) I told him that my parents were
coming in a few months and he said he'd make you guys some ceviche. So
get ready for some raw fish mom and dad :) It's delicious.

I think that is about it! I love you guys and am so thankful for each
and every one of you. It's hard to be away from home during the
holidays, but it's also the best time to be a missionary. What better
time of the year to share the gospel than Christmas?! I love it and am
very excited for this month. Have a great week! I love you and am
praying for you!

Hermana Marsh

 I forgot to send this pic of Beatriz and me. I LOVE this woman and am

so excited for you to meet her!

 Missionary thanksgiving! :)

 The pumpkin pie was a success!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Hola Mi Familia 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm so thankful for each and everyone of
you and for the blessings you are in my life. I'm thankful for the
gospel and for the opportunity to share it with the people of Spain.
I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that leads and guides this
work and that I get to be a part of it. This week was a great one and
it absolutely flew!

The highlights of the week were definitely our temple visit and the
meeting we had with Elder Christensen and Elder Dyches. I love these
men and their darling wives! They brought such a great spirit to both
of the meetings we had and they gave me the words I needed to here to
make me a better missionary. Sister Christensen especially stuck out
to me. First off she speaks Spanish perfectly so go her, but she was
so interested in our personal lives it was the cutest thing. She also
told me that I reminded her of Grandmother which might be the best
compliment I've ever received. I just cried! I absolutely loved the
meetings we had and the greatest part was Martin and Nilo came too :)

Our people are doing great. The biggest news is Calixto! He had his
interview and is good to go :) there is a stake dance this Saturday so
we have to push it back until the 5th, but he's going to do it! Oh he
is the best. He has a lot of stuff going on right now and it amazes me
how he finds time to read and prayer every day, meet with us, and come
to activities and church every week. The man is great and so ready for
his baptism. Prayers were answered this week!

Our other friends are doing the same. Frustrating a little, but we are
doing are best I'm trying to help them. Life in Spain is just hard!
People have to work ridiculous hours for hardly nothing and it doesn't
leave much time for anything else, but we are working with it. We were
able to find a less active this week and she might be the greatest
person. I don't think I've laughed that hard in months! Her name is
Pilar and she came to church yesterday :) love her already.

We have been contacting and working with members like crazy and this
week we were able to see the fruits of that. We have lots of new
people to teach and we are really excited about them! I'm not going to
bore you with all the names and details, but stay tuned :) we taught
the restoration a lot this week and wow I love that lesson. My
testimony is strengthened every time! There is power in it. If you
haven't read the Joseph Smith story lately- do it!

I think that's about it for this week. I'm currently on a train to
Alcorcon to go visit my people there :) oh I love the people here in
Spain I feel so incredibly blessed. Don't get me wrong I still miss
you all like crazy, but wow my heart is so full for these people. I
hope you all have a wonderful week! Os quiero 

Hermana Marsh

Look who I got to see today!!!! 
The trio was back in action and we got to see one of my favorite people :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hi Family!

Happy Monday! So fun to hear from you all and your fun adventures.
Except Steph going to Celine Dione without me but I'm getting over
that. Also happy happy birthday to madden Michael! Love you Geezer!
This week was a great one. I am obsessed with my companion! I just
laugh at her all day she is hilarious. It's going to be a great couple
of transfers :) We have lots of work to be done we are excited.

Our main thoughts and concerns are with Calixto right now. We had a
really great lesson This week and he feels the spirit and recognizes
that it is an answer from God, but wants to feel it stronger. He has
heard everything and is preparing for his baptism next Saturday. Very
exciting, but lots of prayers on his part so he can feel prepared and
ready to go. Oh he is great and I'm so grateful for him but the stress
I feel! I've learned that the lord really is in charge because there
is no way I could do this alone. He's the best companion!

We are still teaching our people and they are doing great, but they
are hard! I don't know if it is because we are getting a little older
or what, but everyone has things going on that are stopping them from
progressing. I will say that it is making me rely on the spirit a lot
more during lessons and that's making me a better missionary! So it's
all working out. And I can't complain because they really are great.
Satan is just working hard, but we are working harder!

We did have a funny experience with a new investigator we met with. We
were looking through the carpeta and found a woman named Yasmine and
set up a lesson to go visit her. We showed up and she told us that she
was living with a member named Janet. I didn't remember who she was
so she pulled up a picture of her on Facebook and I was in it haha!!
Weird having my face in strangers phones but it's all good :) she's
cute I'm excited to teach her.

Highlight of the week was my intercambio with hermana rossberg. She is
the cutest! I really feel so lucky with all of the companions that I
have had. She has grown so much and it was so fun to learn from her
again. She's the best!

I don't have a lot of time today so I need to wrap things up, but
really fast I have an update on my las palmas people! Yamilka made it
to the states, Susi was called to by the secretary in the Primary, and
Danny got baptized this weekend!! Oh my heart is so full for them I
can't wait to visit soon!

Things are going really well. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and
the help that He gives me everyday. Being His missionary is my biggest
blessing! I love you all and hope you have the best week. Talk to you

hermana marsh

Her trainers are companions all in the same district! 
We're a happy little family.

 Intercambios with hermana Rossberg! Apart from sleeping in on accident all went well

 I have a cute comp :)
 Dropping off Hermana Irigoyen and picking up Hermana west! 
I have the greatest companions.

Shopping in the ginormous primary!!! Heaven for this Hermana.

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hi Family!

Happy happy birthday Lydia and Doug!! I love you two and am thinking
of you on your days! Another transfer has come and gone and Hermana
Irigoyen is done. So weird! I feel so lucky to have served with her.
That is one incredible missionary. She taught me so much and I am the
missionary I am today thanks to her positive example. I'm going to
miss her!  I am so excited for my new companion though... Hermana
West! We were in the MTC together and she is AWESOME. She is from
Canada and served a transfer there before, so she'll go home one
transfer before me. I'm so excited for the next 2 transfers!

We had a great last week in Barrio 3. I'm overwhelmed by the miracles
I get to experience every day! Being a missionary really is the best
thing in the world. We had concilio this week and the mission home
full of missionaries is seriously one of my favorite places in the
world. Only second to the temple :) And maybe disneyland. :) We talked
about the importance of working with members and talking with everyone
and I always leave those meetings ready to be a better missionary.

Our people are doing awesome. We had the funniest thing happen with
Calixto this week. We had a lesson planned at a members house and we
were going to teach tithing. We went over and the elders were there
with their recent convert and her 4 kids and guess what they were
going to teach... tithing! It was an inspired noche de hogar :) And
calixto loved it. He came to church yesterday and is still doing
really well.

Miracle with martin this week... He felt the spirit for the first time
AND he came to church!! I can't even tell you how hard I have been
praying for him and he finally felt the spirit! It almost made me cry.
And believe or not the mission has turned my heart into stone it takes
a lot to make me cry! He is one of the most intelligent people I know
and I'm so excited for his progression.

Our other investigators are doing well. Aga is still coming to church,
it's just really hard to have a good lesson with her. There is always
a million things going on and it's hard to have focused lessons, but
we'll keep trying. Ramber is doing great. His mom still doesn't like
the fact that he is coming to church and wanting to get baptized, but
his dad is supporting him and his brother gets home from his mission
next month. He wants to get baptized sooo bad and we are praying hard
that his mom will give him permission.

Side note- I am writing from my piso and listening to christmas music
:) They don't celebrate thanksgiving here anyways haha!

Nilo is awesome. Seriously!! We had the BEST noche de hogar with him
and his family this week. Complete with ceviche and everything :) He
shared his testimony and the spirit was so strong and I left that room
feeling better than I do leaving baptisms. Seriously this man is
incredible. I love his sister too they really are the greatest family!

We are continuing to work hard with some other people we have found
and are always looking for more people to bring unto Christ. There is
lots of work to do here! I'm very grateful to be here in Barrio 3. And
grateful that i'll probably be here for a while :) Except that they
are making my play piano for the primary program... Wow those spanish
kids sing fast. I'm getting better though!

I think that is about it for this week. I want to end telling you
about my experience in church yesterday. Ever since conference I have
tried to set the goal of going to church really prepared to take the
sacrament. And I can't even tell you the difference I have seen in how
much I LOVE going to church. I am literally filled with the spirit
after taking the sacrament and i'm so grateful to get to participate
every week. And the talks and classes too I learn so much from these
people. I love sundays! And I love being a missionary :) I can't say
it enough. Thank you for all you guys do for me I will be praying lots
for you this week. I love you!
Hermana Marsh

 Ceviche!!! Raw fish is my favorite :)
   Sisters in B3 :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hi Family!!
Wow I just can't believe it is already Monday again and it's NOVEMBER.
Where does the time go. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! I
dressed up as a sister missionary it was pretty great. We had a roller
coaster week full of lots of ups and downs, but the highs were high
and I'm excited to tell you about them.

At the beginning of the week, I got to stay in Toledo and do an
intercambio with Hermana finch. It was so nice to be with her again!
I've met the most amazing people on my mission and I will forever be
so grateful for them. Not to mention I got to work in Toledo. That
place is beautiful!

The next day we got to go to the temple. Wow I can't even express how
great it was to go there this week. 7 months is a long time! I don't
know how people do it there whole missions. As the session progressed,
the spirit increased so much and I just didn't want to leave. I love
the temple, especially the Madrid temple. It is my place here in my
mission and I'm so thankful for the chance to go once a transfer.

Now on to our people :) we had the greatest miracle with an inactive
member named Nilo. He is the brother of one of my favorite members and
hasn't been to church in 15 years. We met him this week and shared 3
Nefi 18 about when Christ administered the sacrament to the nefites.
My testimony was strengthened about not only that the lord prepares
people, but about how great of a teacher the Book of Mormon is.
Because guess what? He came yesterday! And we are meeting with him
tonight to eat ceviche my favorite Peruvian food :) he's a miracle!

Our investigators are progressing along! We saw Calixto 4 times this
week haha bless his Heart! The members have been helping so much with
him and he has now come to church 2 times in a row :) we need to
change is fecha, but I have faith that he'll get baptized soon. The
members have also helped us so much with Martin and he loves them. We
taught about the sacrament this week and he normally works sundays,
but he promised he'd come next week. Praying hard for him! That guy
loves the Book of Mormon it's the best.

Lourdes is doing well, she is struggling a little bit though. Her
husband is Spaniard and he really doesn't like the idea of her meeting
with us or getting baptized. That makes things like seeing her or her
coming to church a little difficult, but she knows the church is true
so we'll keep hoping, praying, and doing our part. Elena and Ramber
are still doing great though :)

I have to tell you guys the worst thing that happened this week. You
need to understand first though that we talk to so many people every
day and it is really hard for me to remember everyone's faces. We had
set up an appointment with a future investigator named Jose in a park
and when we showed up he called us and said he would be 20 more
minutes so we went and contacted. We were talking with a guy and all
of the sudden this random guy comes up and is just creeping on us. We
finished our conversation, said hi to this creepy guy just staring at
us contacting, then ran back to the park thinking we were late. We got
to the park and called Jose to see where he was and he said, "You just
said hi to me then ran away!" The creepy guy was Jose!!!!! I feel
terrible. We were bad representatives of Jesus Christ right there we
totally forgot about him. Hopefully he will give us a second chance
haha! So terrible.

Happy note though- I don't know if you remember Roberto (investigator
from Alcorcon) but he got baptized this week!! He always had a
testimony and the desires, but he didn't have permission from his
parents. He turned 18 though and now is a member of the church! He's
planning on a mission and everything :) I love it!!

I think that's about it for this week. This is my last week with my
companion before she goes home and it breaks my heart!!! People ending
their missions is the worst. We are ready to give it our all though so
she can finish strong. I love you all and am so thankful for your
wonderful examples. The church is true! Have a great week!
Hermana Marsh

 Recent convert Smith. He's the best hahaha!