Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hi Family!

Happy happy birthday Lydia and Doug!! I love you two and am thinking
of you on your days! Another transfer has come and gone and Hermana
Irigoyen is done. So weird! I feel so lucky to have served with her.
That is one incredible missionary. She taught me so much and I am the
missionary I am today thanks to her positive example. I'm going to
miss her!  I am so excited for my new companion though... Hermana
West! We were in the MTC together and she is AWESOME. She is from
Canada and served a transfer there before, so she'll go home one
transfer before me. I'm so excited for the next 2 transfers!

We had a great last week in Barrio 3. I'm overwhelmed by the miracles
I get to experience every day! Being a missionary really is the best
thing in the world. We had concilio this week and the mission home
full of missionaries is seriously one of my favorite places in the
world. Only second to the temple :) And maybe disneyland. :) We talked
about the importance of working with members and talking with everyone
and I always leave those meetings ready to be a better missionary.

Our people are doing awesome. We had the funniest thing happen with
Calixto this week. We had a lesson planned at a members house and we
were going to teach tithing. We went over and the elders were there
with their recent convert and her 4 kids and guess what they were
going to teach... tithing! It was an inspired noche de hogar :) And
calixto loved it. He came to church yesterday and is still doing
really well.

Miracle with martin this week... He felt the spirit for the first time
AND he came to church!! I can't even tell you how hard I have been
praying for him and he finally felt the spirit! It almost made me cry.
And believe or not the mission has turned my heart into stone it takes
a lot to make me cry! He is one of the most intelligent people I know
and I'm so excited for his progression.

Our other investigators are doing well. Aga is still coming to church,
it's just really hard to have a good lesson with her. There is always
a million things going on and it's hard to have focused lessons, but
we'll keep trying. Ramber is doing great. His mom still doesn't like
the fact that he is coming to church and wanting to get baptized, but
his dad is supporting him and his brother gets home from his mission
next month. He wants to get baptized sooo bad and we are praying hard
that his mom will give him permission.

Side note- I am writing from my piso and listening to christmas music
:) They don't celebrate thanksgiving here anyways haha!

Nilo is awesome. Seriously!! We had the BEST noche de hogar with him
and his family this week. Complete with ceviche and everything :) He
shared his testimony and the spirit was so strong and I left that room
feeling better than I do leaving baptisms. Seriously this man is
incredible. I love his sister too they really are the greatest family!

We are continuing to work hard with some other people we have found
and are always looking for more people to bring unto Christ. There is
lots of work to do here! I'm very grateful to be here in Barrio 3. And
grateful that i'll probably be here for a while :) Except that they
are making my play piano for the primary program... Wow those spanish
kids sing fast. I'm getting better though!

I think that is about it for this week. I want to end telling you
about my experience in church yesterday. Ever since conference I have
tried to set the goal of going to church really prepared to take the
sacrament. And I can't even tell you the difference I have seen in how
much I LOVE going to church. I am literally filled with the spirit
after taking the sacrament and i'm so grateful to get to participate
every week. And the talks and classes too I learn so much from these
people. I love sundays! And I love being a missionary :) I can't say
it enough. Thank you for all you guys do for me I will be praying lots
for you this week. I love you!
Hermana Marsh

 Ceviche!!! Raw fish is my favorite :)
   Sisters in B3 :)

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