Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 29- Scotland

Today we arrived in SCOTLAND! That was really fun to type.  I have been so excited for this day!

We started off at the Edinburgh Castle.  A lot of the tour was outdoors and I've never seen a castle like that before, so that was really fun.  

We found mirrors we love.

and mirrors we don't love...

Look what I found! Made me miss my finlay bug.  

Edinburgh surprisingly has lots of Harry Potter sights.  Here is Tom Riddle's grave.  The worker wanted to be sure that I knew that this wasn't real. HAHA. Yes, I know Voldemort is fictional.

Then we went to the cafe where it all started! This is where JK Rowling started the first Harry Potter. Way awesome.  

After this, our luck ran out and it seriously was so cold and so rainy.  We found a mall and did some shopping and grabbed some dinner.  We had the night to do whatever we wanted, but it was so wet and so cold, so we were lame and bought treats and watched Britains Got Talent.  We had a fun little girls night :) Edinburgh is such a cool place, I was surprised at how much smaller it was compared to London.  We had such a fun time and I  hope to go back one day!

Day 28- The Lake District

Today was seriosuly the best day.  We woke up and had a surprisingly decent meal at our hostel, then went on a hike.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

Lorin and I- she has her mission call Louisiana, so she's been my little buddy this trip :)

We reached the top! It was 3 miles and I was very grateful to have my hiking gear.  

Mckayla and I with Professor Otterstrom and his family.  Probably the one and only time i'll go hiking with one of my professors.  We get so close with them it's the funniest thing! 

The beautiful view from the top- seriously so beautiful.  

Group shot! As quoted by Joe, this hike divided the women from the girls ;)

Nothing will stop us from our selfies.  

We thought we deserved a little treat after our hike- this peach ice cream tasted exactly like moms! Then we went to a little shop for lunch (yes you read that right, ice cream before lunch) and I had one of the best chicken sandwiches.  I'm taking pictures of my food from now on.  We then went and toured the Wordsworth trust, which had so many old books and letters including the first copy of Frankenstein.  So cool!

When we got back at the hostel, we had about an hour before dinner so we decided to do the polar bear plunge.  I forgot my swimsuit, so pjs it was! 

I look like a frog, but the jumping pic had to be posted.  I seriously was so scared!

Not quite sure how Caroline managed to get a smiling picture because we were just screaming the whole time, but there ya have it.  It was so cold, but so worth it!!! I'm glad Karley did it with me. 

I took this picture as we were playing cards on the dock.  Can you believe I got to stay at this place? I am seriously so blessed.  This may have been the perfect day.  

Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 27- Preston

Today marks our first day for our Northern Trip! I have been looking forward to this trip from the second I got accepted and here it comes! So excited.  

Here we are in front of the temple! Unfortunately it was monday so we couldn't do baptisms, but the view was still amazing.  

 Group shot! After this, Jess even ran into her missionary... :) It was such a coincidence it was so cool!  

Then we had a church history tour around Preston.  This is the Park by where all the saints were baptized.  Really beautiful! 

After our day at Preston, we checked into our hostel in Ambleside.  This was the coolest place i've ever stayed in!! We were right on the lake and the view was amazing.  This has been my favorite place so far! 

Before we went to bed, we toured the Wordsworth cottage and Gardens.  That was so interesting and so pretty! Please don't mind the outfit and hair.  

Love these cute girls! First day of the North Trip was a success :)

Day 26- Game Nights are Fun Nights

Today we started off the day going to church and we were going to be on time, but they train door wouldn't open at our stop haha! It was so funny watching this group of girls panicking trying to open the door.  We just ended up getting off at the next stop and turning right around :) I got my calling today! Nicole and I are in young women's, which is actually a little weird.  There is only one girl in there, and this sunday was the first time she's come in about a month.  Oh well! We're just really hoping she comes to church next week.  

After dinner, we had a game night and it was so fun! We played the envelope game which is where you write a question on an envelope, then pass it around and answer which person you think would best fit it and why.  My personal favorite for me was, "Which person is most likely to have 13 kids?" and the answer was "Madie, because of her FOMO" (fear of missing out). hahahaha it was so funny!!! These people are seriously the funnest group- I lucked out big time! 

Day 25- House of Parliament

Saturday we got a tour of the House of Parliament- unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures.  This was way way cool! It was interesting to see how the government works over here.  

After our tour, we walked around and found Buckingham Palace! We hadn't visited that yet so that was really fun to see.  The flag was even flying, so the queen was home! There was a race going on too through St. James Park, it made me homesick for the race for the cure! 

After that, we went to Borough Market- OH MY GOSH! It is a huge food market and I was dying the whole time! Here is the yummy grilled cheese that I got for lunch.  I also got the best cinnamon bread.  I love the markets! 

Today was so rainy, but what else can you expect in London?! It was such a fun day.  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 24- Westminster Abbey

One of the many nice things about doing a semester abroad is there are a lot of guided tours included in our price to come here.  Today was our Westminster Abbey tour and it was awesome! I have a minor obsession it Kate Middleton so it really was so great.  

After we went to Westminster, we headed off to do our walk for the day.  

Note- Mckayla forget something in this picture... Big Ben? haha!!

I look like a gorilla, but I had too.  This pic was too funny not to post. 

BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!!!! I wish someone had filmed my reaction when I saw this.  She makes me so so happy! Even if it made me cry a little bit... ;)

We then went to go look around China town... little bit on the overrated side.

Then we went and saw X-MEN!!!! I'm the idiot that read the European times wrong, so we got sucked into seeing it in 3-D.  Oh well! It was really good and we had a fun time.  Today was so so great!! I feel so lucky to be here :) Happy happy time!! 

Day 23- Once!

Today we had our last day of class for the next little bit- wahoo! Not that school isn't great and all, but really we just like to play :)

For an assignment we had to go look at this cemetery and write a paper on it.  Really?? It was a cool cemetery, but we were all a little confused- oh well! 

On our way back we made a little stop during happy hour :) It is a happy hour indeed.  The chocolate coconut frappuccino is divine! Then we did a little shopping and got stuck in a monsoon haha it was raining so hard! I guess that's what happens in London.  

That night, I went and saw once with Sami and Meg.  Okay, I heard very mixed reviews about this musical so I was a little worried about going to it, but I really enjoyed it! It does swear a lot and it doesn't have the happiest endings, but the music is incredible.  I have been listening to the soundtrack constantly since.  Very happy that I went! Fun and rainy day in London :)

Day 22- I love day trips!

Today was our second day trip, and I seriously love these.  It's so fun to see places in England other than London.  Plus, these people make it pretty fun too :) 

Our first stop was Stourhead Gardens.  Out of all three places we went, this was probably my favorite! 

This is real... one of the prettiest places i've been to!

They even had some fun caves we got to explore around! 

Stourhead Gardens is where they filmed parts of Pride and Prejudice.  This is where Elizabeth rejects Mr. Darcy's proposal.  Made me miss my wetty! 

Do we look like Keira?

Our next stop was Bath! Here we are at the Roman Baths.  This was so so cool.  It was exactly how I imagined it! It made me miss Steph of course, as well as my brother Doug.  He would've loved this place!

Baaaaath time!

No trip is complete without a little treat... ;)

Our last stop was Stonehenge! 

Love every single one of these girls.  They are so so fun!

Do we look like rocks yet?

When we got home I was brave and went to a Thai restaurant and loved it!! Then after a little visiting it was off to bed.  I seriously love day trips they are so fun.  I can't wait for the next ones!