Thursday, May 22, 2014


Okay, today was one of my favorite days so far.  We got to go to the Harry Potter studio tour and it honestly was one of the coolest things.  They have so many props, costumes, and rooms that they used to make they film on display that I took pictures of, but here are just a few of my favorites.  Coolest thing! 

Here we are in front of the cupboard underneath the stairs.  They had his first pair of glasses on display in there! 

Here we are in the Great Hall.  I can't even describe how great this is!! It is the fist big room you go into and it is covered with things that they used in the movies. Amazing!

Here we are in front of the passage way to Dumbledore's office!

Then we were off to the Ministry of Magic.  This part was really awesome. 

Here we are at the bridge in front of Hogwarts. 

Triple Decker Bus for the third movie!

Here we are in front of #4 Privet Drive.

Again, only this time with Butterbeer :)

This stuff is so good! I'm aware it's just cream soda, but there is something about it that makes me love it more.  I'm a sucker for magic! 

Diagon Alley! This was probably my favorite part of the whole studio tour.  It was so magical! I'm sure i'm getting very redundant at this point... Moral of the story- I love it I love it.

Hogwarts Castle! It was interesting to see how they film everything using this model.

My heart.  I love Harry Potter haha! 

We had too... Soap? Vomit? Bogey? REALLY?

Here we are in the front! 

HA! I'm funny.  Train rides can do something to you.

We had to stop off at Primark to get some things and they had a gorilla onesie hahaha I had to!

When we got home, our cook made us RIBS! What? We are getting so spoiled here.  Then we went and got pazookies and pizza hut.  Today was practically perfect!!! All I want to do is sit and watch Harry Potter and drink butter beer.  Good thing London has more to offer :) 

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