Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 8- A day full of Shakespeare

Today was our first day trip.  Our first stop was the Warwick Castle! It was pouring rain so it was so fun to explore the castle.  This was my favorite part of the day! 
 Rachel and me.  She seriously cracks me up!

Asian invasion. 

Lizzy and me.  She is the cutest!

Rainy and windy weather makes for a fun adventure!

New BF.  These guys looked so real it was creepy. 

After the castle to Anne Hathaway's cottage, she was the wife of Shakespeare.  That was actually really cool and so beautiful to see! 

Then we went to Mary Arden's farm. haha yes a farm! It was fun, but we were there way longer than we needed to be... like 3 hours haha! It ended up being way fun though we made some good memories.  

I am now a true Londoneer because I had fish and chips.  It was good, but a little too much fried food for me I felt pretty gross after.  Nothing a little ice cream can't fix :)

Then we headed to Stratford upon Avon to see the birthplace a Shakespeare! That was really cool to see.  We saw the Henry IV and I am not a shakespeare person at all, but it ended up being pretty good. The parts that I was up for at least ;)


  1. Fun rainy day adventure. Good for you for eating fish 'n chips! Shakespeare is the bomb diggitty! Love you!!!

  2. HAHA!! Madie, you crack me up!! Proud of you for two things... The fish and chips AND Shakespeare! Both the best you'll ever see there in ol London Town! Oh, and BRAVO for having the "wellies" on... it rains lots over there so I'm told. Good for you for wearing those booties!! So cute and so darling! Fun adventures!!