Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 29- Scotland

Today we arrived in SCOTLAND! That was really fun to type.  I have been so excited for this day!

We started off at the Edinburgh Castle.  A lot of the tour was outdoors and I've never seen a castle like that before, so that was really fun.  

We found mirrors we love.

and mirrors we don't love...

Look what I found! Made me miss my finlay bug.  

Edinburgh surprisingly has lots of Harry Potter sights.  Here is Tom Riddle's grave.  The worker wanted to be sure that I knew that this wasn't real. HAHA. Yes, I know Voldemort is fictional.

Then we went to the cafe where it all started! This is where JK Rowling started the first Harry Potter. Way awesome.  

After this, our luck ran out and it seriously was so cold and so rainy.  We found a mall and did some shopping and grabbed some dinner.  We had the night to do whatever we wanted, but it was so wet and so cold, so we were lame and bought treats and watched Britains Got Talent.  We had a fun little girls night :) Edinburgh is such a cool place, I was surprised at how much smaller it was compared to London.  We had such a fun time and I  hope to go back one day!

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