Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 13- Moving Day

Today was finally the day that we got to move into the center.  YAY!!! 

Here is my lovely appearance on the way over to the center. Only problem about bringing my hunter boots and big coat…

This place is absolutely amazing! Everything is brand new and we are the first ones to experience it all.  There are even staircases with access to the roof! So cool.  Here are just a few pictures of my bed (i'm the top bunk) and the bathroom.  I will post more of the other rooms soon.  This place really is so nice I feel like i'm living in the classiest place.

 after we were all moved in, we grabbed some dinner then went to the X-men premiere.  WE were hoping to see Hugh Jackman or Jennifer Lawrence, but it was a world wide premiere and they were at other locations.  So sad! There were still really cool famous people there, but it started POURING rain! So we decided to head home.  Still really fun to see the set up though, i'm really excited to go see the movie.

Once we got home we all crashed- we were so tired from moving and had to wake up at 3 the next morning to catch our train ride to Paris.  I feel so blessed to get to live in the BYU London Center! Lucky lucky girl over here.

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