Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 11- What Saturdays are for!

We have now had 2 Saturdays here in London and with 35 girls that means we go shopping!! We woke up and went running, then off to oxford street we went.  Oh that street is so great.  I'm in a rough shopping situation right now since all I really need is mission things, but it is still fun to look around and see all of the stores.  I'm a ding dong and didn't take pictures of us shopping- the worst!

When we got back, we went to this restaurant called wahaca for dinner.  It was so so good! The proportions were tiny though haha look at how small my tacos are!! Not a big deal though, that just meant we had to stop for a little treat :) This blog is half dedicated to the food I eat... #fatgirlprobs

Dinner Selfie!! People here don't like taking pictures for us, so we do it ourselves.  

Here we are at Snog! Yummy frozen yogurt place, definitely a fan of that! And that is somewhat healthy, right?

After that we came home and worked on our project that we are presenting on Monday.  Fun fun day! Saturdays might be my favorite. 

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