Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 24- Westminster Abbey

One of the many nice things about doing a semester abroad is there are a lot of guided tours included in our price to come here.  Today was our Westminster Abbey tour and it was awesome! I have a minor obsession it Kate Middleton so it really was so great.  

After we went to Westminster, we headed off to do our walk for the day.  

Note- Mckayla forget something in this picture... Big Ben? haha!!

I look like a gorilla, but I had too.  This pic was too funny not to post. 

BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!!!! I wish someone had filmed my reaction when I saw this.  She makes me so so happy! Even if it made me cry a little bit... ;)

We then went to go look around China town... little bit on the overrated side.

Then we went and saw X-MEN!!!! I'm the idiot that read the European times wrong, so we got sucked into seeing it in 3-D.  Oh well! It was really good and we had a fun time.  Today was so so great!! I feel so lucky to be here :) Happy happy time!! 

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  1. Adorable and COOL as always Madison! Love you lots