Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 16- Final day in Paris

Today was our final day in Paris, and we were all dying to go to Versailles, so we woke up bright and early to catch the hour train ride out there.

EXCEPT by the time we got there we found out it was closed.  SO BUMMED. We took a few pictures in the front, then off we went. 

We wanted to go do a hot air balloon, but it was too windy to fly.  We were able to get some really fun pictures though! 

Then we went to the Musee de Orsay.  That was seriously so fun.  The clocks were amazing!

Paris may not smell so great, but it sure is pretty.  

We found flower shaped gelato!!!! Oh this seriously was so so yummy. We went to the Orange museum (don't remember how to say it in french) and this was my favorite art museum we went to. It's not as big, so it's not as overwhelming and the art is beautiful!

Then we went and did a little market shopping at the Latin Quarter.  This was so so fun!! I've never been here before and I seriously loved it.  

We got lots of treats here... found a yummy chocolate shop!

More crepes...

Even MORE crepes... I seriously felt so sick after this but it was worth it!!

We had a few minutes before we needed to head back, so we stopped off Notre Dame one last time.

Me and my gang. 

Favorite spot! 

Paris was very good to me- so happy I got the chance to go! It was funny though as soon as we got off the train, we all were so happy to be back in London.  Our new home away from home! Feeling so grateful to be here- this is the dream!

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  1. Cutie outfit. You look great in Paris! Sorry about Versailles! Bummer dude! All part of the experience, I suppose. I sure do love you!