Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 5- The Church is true everywhere!

Today was the first Sunday here and wow was I impressed! This is kind of my little journal for the trip so if you don't want to read about my notes on the speakers at church- feel free to read on! All three meetings were great, but the women who taught relief society was exceptional! She started off with sharing about her home life and told us about how she was abused and always felt alone or scared.  The whole time I felt so sad for her! BUT then she said that through all of that, she made the choice to turn to the Savior and she had him there for her through all of those hard times and it totally changed my perspective on trials.  Sure that trial was crazy hard, but it helped her form the foundation that has helped her through out her whole life.  I start out feeling sorry for her, and ended a little envious.  Such an amazing lesson! Very good for me as I am preparing to serve a mission.  I know the church is true everywhere around the world! Even Spain :)

Here we are off to church!

After church we decided to do a little walk around Hyde Park.  How lucky are we?! Then we went home to talk a little nap and do some homework.  I know HOMEWORK! What a drag.  But that little nap turned into a 4 hour nap... our bad :) Think we are having a little too much fun? Maybe so! 

After we woke up we had dinner here at the flat then went to a fireside by our instructors wives.  They are the cutest ladies! After that went on a little walk and saw harrods all lit up it reminded me of Disneyland! Then we found a little crepe shop that was calling our names... we couldn't resist.  So fun! A very relaxing, yet exciting Sunday.  

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  1. So glad church was GREAT! Aren't we so blessed! Sunday sounds like it was a very nice day. Love you mads!