Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 26- Game Nights are Fun Nights

Today we started off the day going to church and we were going to be on time, but they train door wouldn't open at our stop haha! It was so funny watching this group of girls panicking trying to open the door.  We just ended up getting off at the next stop and turning right around :) I got my calling today! Nicole and I are in young women's, which is actually a little weird.  There is only one girl in there, and this sunday was the first time she's come in about a month.  Oh well! We're just really hoping she comes to church next week.  

After dinner, we had a game night and it was so fun! We played the envelope game which is where you write a question on an envelope, then pass it around and answer which person you think would best fit it and why.  My personal favorite for me was, "Which person is most likely to have 13 kids?" and the answer was "Madie, because of her FOMO" (fear of missing out). hahahaha it was so funny!!! These people are seriously the funnest group- I lucked out big time! 

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  1. FOMO is so so real. Haha love that 13 kids. You'll be a great mom ;) love you!! And lovin these posts!!