Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 28- The Lake District

Today was seriosuly the best day.  We woke up and had a surprisingly decent meal at our hostel, then went on a hike.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

Lorin and I- she has her mission call Louisiana, so she's been my little buddy this trip :)

We reached the top! It was 3 miles and I was very grateful to have my hiking gear.  

Mckayla and I with Professor Otterstrom and his family.  Probably the one and only time i'll go hiking with one of my professors.  We get so close with them it's the funniest thing! 

The beautiful view from the top- seriously so beautiful.  

Group shot! As quoted by Joe, this hike divided the women from the girls ;)

Nothing will stop us from our selfies.  

We thought we deserved a little treat after our hike- this peach ice cream tasted exactly like moms! Then we went to a little shop for lunch (yes you read that right, ice cream before lunch) and I had one of the best chicken sandwiches.  I'm taking pictures of my food from now on.  We then went and toured the Wordsworth trust, which had so many old books and letters including the first copy of Frankenstein.  So cool!

When we got back at the hostel, we had about an hour before dinner so we decided to do the polar bear plunge.  I forgot my swimsuit, so pjs it was! 

I look like a frog, but the jumping pic had to be posted.  I seriously was so scared!

Not quite sure how Caroline managed to get a smiling picture because we were just screaming the whole time, but there ya have it.  It was so cold, but so worth it!!! I'm glad Karley did it with me. 

I took this picture as we were playing cards on the dock.  Can you believe I got to stay at this place? I am seriously so blessed.  This may have been the perfect day.  

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  1. so totally jelly. also i want my bangs back because of you!