Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 23- Once!

Today we had our last day of class for the next little bit- wahoo! Not that school isn't great and all, but really we just like to play :)

For an assignment we had to go look at this cemetery and write a paper on it.  Really?? It was a cool cemetery, but we were all a little confused- oh well! 

On our way back we made a little stop during happy hour :) It is a happy hour indeed.  The chocolate coconut frappuccino is divine! Then we did a little shopping and got stuck in a monsoon haha it was raining so hard! I guess that's what happens in London.  

That night, I went and saw once with Sami and Meg.  Okay, I heard very mixed reviews about this musical so I was a little worried about going to it, but I really enjoyed it! It does swear a lot and it doesn't have the happiest endings, but the music is incredible.  I have been listening to the soundtrack constantly since.  Very happy that I went! Fun and rainy day in London :)

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