Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 25- House of Parliament

Saturday we got a tour of the House of Parliament- unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures.  This was way way cool! It was interesting to see how the government works over here.  

After our tour, we walked around and found Buckingham Palace! We hadn't visited that yet so that was really fun to see.  The flag was even flying, so the queen was home! There was a race going on too through St. James Park, it made me homesick for the race for the cure! 

After that, we went to Borough Market- OH MY GOSH! It is a huge food market and I was dying the whole time! Here is the yummy grilled cheese that I got for lunch.  I also got the best cinnamon bread.  I love the markets! 

Today was so rainy, but what else can you expect in London?! It was such a fun day.  

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