Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 19- Sunday

This Sunday was a pretty remarkable one.  In Relief Society, we were asked to pair up with someone and read a portion of the manual to share with the class.  I was paired up with a woman who spoke spanish and just a little bit of English.  She is amazing- she was working so hard! It was a great experience for me because in just a few months, the roles will be reversed.  She also had a daughter that totally let me play with her all of Relief Society- it was awesome she was so cute! 

Ashley and me after Church 

Karley and me after church.  I lucked out with a great ward! The people I am with are so great, and we are one of the closer ones.  

After church I was assigned to be the kitchen crew.  This is totally not the funnest thing... it basically means I do dishes for 3 hours BUT I only have to do it 3 times the whole time I'm here sloppy joes, but I was so wrong.  Tonight she made us this chicken indian stuff and it seriously was so good.  I love living in the center!! So the luckiest.  Then we had a fireside from a missionary that just got home from the Scotland Ireland mission.  It was great, i'm so excited to serve!! 

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