Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 4- A day of fails

Today was one of  the most interesting days.  We started the morning off at Portobello Market and we lost our roommate, Hailey.  Fail number 1- It was the scariest thing! After a lot of praying and looking, we decided to just press on.  We spent the afternoon shopping and don't worry- we found her!
 Funniest barney finger puppets.

Today's weather was BEAUTIFUL!

Sister missionary shopping probs...

Yummiest pizza for lunch!

Couldn't resist the yummiest strawberries.

Cutest market!

After the market we headed over to piccadilly circus to buy play tickets for the night, but they were all too expensive. Fail #2. 

M&M world! On our way in, we saw some scary boys and I learning a lesson on how to be a little more safe.. ;) Fail #3. 

Then we wanted to try a bus tour but we were too late... fail #4.

 We were brave and tried an egyptian restaurant for dinner and it was surprisingly really good! Then we went to a yummy chocolate factory and I got some chocolate :)

As we were walking home we saw a gelato shop and just HAD to stop and get some... #fatgirlprobs.  If you can't tell I am eating the YUMMIEST food here! 

This taxi reminded me of my wett! I had to stop and take a picture.  Today was the most random day that was full of fails, but it was actually so so much fun.  We were very spontaneous and I think I might that a little better! We had no expectations and it was the funnest adventure :) I'm having the TIME OF MY LIFE! 


  1. Way to go girl! Lots of successes too, it sounds like. Steer clear of ALL creepy boys - and I MEAN IT! Love you.

  2. Spontaneous activities in London are the best. Keep having fun!