Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 18- Camden Market

For this Saturday's market excursion, we decided to try out Camden Market.  This one is my favorite! It's a good mix of market shopping, real shopping, and yummy foods to try.  I even caved and got a deathly hallows shirt :)

Here we are in front of the river through Camden.  We got some yummy smoothies and sandwiches and they were so yummy!

After Camden, we did a total turn and head to Harrods.  Wow this place is so dreamy.  We found dresses that were more expensive than my house!! Seriously unreal. 

After Harrods we were so hungry and went right back to the Mexican restaurant we went to yesterday... HA! They totally remembered us and even gave us the same seats and gave us tap water without asking! That is unheard of here in London.  It gets better- then we went and got fro yo at the same place again and that guys remembered me too.  Awesome.  I'm a regular! 

Saturdays are seriously so fun here, i'm going to miss all of the fun markets- and we have so many more still to see! Loving life in London :)

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