Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 15- Eiffie!

Today was our second day in Paris and it was a DREAM.  We started our day off at the Louvre.  I didn't fall asleep this time ;)

Sami and me in front of the Louvre. 

Group shot! We become best buddies with the asians so they can be our personal photographers. 

Kristen and me in front of the Louvre.  She is the cutest girl.  She just got a job as an EFY counselor and is going to do amazing!

We then went and climbed to the top of the EIFFEL TOWER!!! So so fun- the view is absolutely beautiful up there. 

Happy Happy heart over here!

Jess and me at the top. 

Don't worry- we're real pretty too. 

After we finished at the top of the tower, I got my first banana nutella crepe.  WOW WOW WOW. That's all.

Here we are in front of the tower.  These two girls are the BEST!

Then we went and locked our love on love lock bridge. 

Watch out future lover- our love has been locked!

After love lock bridge, we went to some art museums and i'm a loser and didn't take any pictures.  I surprisingly really enjoyed the art museums! Van Gogh was my favorite.  

We then went and did a river cruise and this seriously was so fun.  We lucked out with fantastic weather and it was so fun to see all of paris! 

Then we went and watched the sunset at the Eiffel Tower and saw it light up.  This was my favorite part of the whole trip it was so so fun!!! 

So so pretty. The humorous part of the night was saying no to all of the men offering us wine haha so so funny. 

What's cookin good lookin. 


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