Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 20- Phantom of the Opera

Today was a very relaxed day full of playing a lot of catch up.  Unfortunately we are here for school and it is midterms this week so we spent a lot of the day studying, but we did manage to squeeze in a little fun :)

Oh how we love breakfast time at the center!

This is my favorite part about the center.  How cool is this?! We sat and did our homework on the patio for a couple hours and it made doing homework actually kind of enjoyable. 


When we were about to go crazy, we decided to take a break and head to the park for a little soccer game.  It was so fun!! Oh how I wish I hadn't worn real clothes though... it was such a nice day!

Awkward soccer photo- complete with a coach and everything! 

 A group of people had bought tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera and we decided not to get tickets so we could catch up on homework.  They were about to leave and the spontaneous side of me kicked in and I went with them! I had to sit by myself, but I found an awesome seat for a killer deal.  So glad I went! 

Group shot! It really was so great I forgot how much I like Phantom of the Opera.  Raoul wasn't too hard to look at either ;) Today was very spontaneous and so so fun!  

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  1. Yay for you Madie! Love Phantom. Good luck on midterms! You are so smart! xoxo