Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 27- Preston

Today marks our first day for our Northern Trip! I have been looking forward to this trip from the second I got accepted and here it comes! So excited.  

Here we are in front of the temple! Unfortunately it was monday so we couldn't do baptisms, but the view was still amazing.  

 Group shot! After this, Jess even ran into her missionary... :) It was such a coincidence it was so cool!  

Then we had a church history tour around Preston.  This is the Park by where all the saints were baptized.  Really beautiful! 

After our day at Preston, we checked into our hostel in Ambleside.  This was the coolest place i've ever stayed in!! We were right on the lake and the view was amazing.  This has been my favorite place so far! 

Before we went to bed, we toured the Wordsworth cottage and Gardens.  That was so interesting and so pretty! Please don't mind the outfit and hair.  

Love these cute girls! First day of the North Trip was a success :)

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