Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 57- Marbella

Today we spent the morning driving to Marbella.  Oh my world this was probably my favorite place (how many times can I say that?!).  It reminded me of Cancun Palace I was dying!! 

Here we are laying out by the pool.  Bliss!!

Then we went over the the beach! 

It was a little cold for my liking :) That made me feel better about not diving! 

I love my dad! 

There were sand sculptures everywhere and they all were so amazing.  People are talented.  

Then we went to dinner on the beach and I was big and brave and ordered Paella! It's a spanish dish that i've been too chicken to order the whole time.  I got mine with chicken though so I don't know if that really counts.  

My cute dinner dates! Today was a dream.  A very relaxing day that was much needed! 

Day 56- Full day in Granada!

Sometimes we wake up at 11 in the morning... Today was one of those days haha! We are the worst.  

The thing about Granada is it is mainly a Muslim town so we branched out and tried a place for lunch.   It was so good! Yay for cous cous and hummus :) 

Seriously?! So so fun! 

After lunch we went and toured the gardens around the palace.  So beautiful! 

It was real real bright. 

After the gardens we got to go to the top of the Alhambra. That was one of my favorites I loved the views! 

He does a better serious face than I do haha lawl!

These are how some people post for pics... people are funny.  

First group pic! What!? We are the worst! 


My country!! 

He loves me lot.  Can't you tell?

We then went to the palace and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously the detail is incredible I absolutely loved it.  

Really?! Absolutely incredible! 

He's not wanting to be funny like me.  Don't want to offend Allah as he would say ;)

We're lookin real nice.  

Dad got his LLAOLLAO!! Hahaha this man loves his frozen yogurt.

I sound like a broken record- today was amazing! All the days are amazing I really feel so lucky.  So grateful for my dad (and Rick Steeves ;)) for planning all of this he's the best! 

Day 55- Granada

The nice thing about this trip is we have our own time table.  We wanted to spend a little more time in Toledo so we did! 

Here we are at a museum (I can't remember that name dang it). 

After the museum we drove over to Granada! We had some lunch at the hotel.  Yay for TOAST! 

My dad might be the funniest person.  And this might be my favorite picture of him. 

Granada is such a cool city and the great thing about it is our hotel is right in the middle of everything! No joke- where Isabelle and Ferdinand used to be buried is in our hotel patio.  Okay?! So cool! 

Beautiful structures everywhere! Spain is the coolest. 

After exploring a little, we went into the city and did some wandering.  

We found the coolest theater!! I would love to watch Celine here.  It's way close to our hotel and we even got to hear a concert from our room one night! So great.  

Feeling a little pictured out if you can't tell :) 

There are buildings like this everywhere! I love Granada.  It's so fun to be with these two- they are the best! 

Day 54- Toledo

We made it to Toledo! Our first day was a sunday and I have been so excited to see what church in Spain is like.  I couldn't understand a lick, but I still felt the spirit and loved every minute.  I even got to talk to some missionaries and they made me so excited! 

Love my paps :) 

and my cute mama! Seriously church was so great.  I'm crossing my fingers that I get assigned here! 

After church we went to the Greco museum and I actually really enjoyed this! It was in a unique building and it wasn't too overwhelming.  

a view from the inside of the museum- so pretty! 

Like Father like daughter :)

 Found our little buddy! 

Ate way too many of these... Diet starts NEXT monday! :)

Here we are in front of the Cathedral.  We were too cheap to go in, so we just enjoyed it from the outside.  

Here is the view of all of beautiful Toledo! 

Tonight for dinner I no joke ate diet coke chocolate and pistachios... I don't even like diet coke!! Snacking will do that to you.  We decided to go for a little walk after that one! 

My favorite street in Toledo! They are all decorated so cute.  I love this place! 

When we got home, we looked out our window and there was a firework show! We are spoiled rotten. Loving like here!! Today was wonderful. 

Day 53- Segovia and Aliva

Today we started the day off at Segovia and I absolutely love this place.  It is absolutely stunning and I really hope I get to come back here sometime during my mission.  

Dad and I in front of the Roman Aqueduct

We went over to the palace/fort.  This was so beautiful! 

It is right at the end of the city and has some amazing views.  

New boyfriend :) 

 Then we went drove to Avila.  It was an old city with a huge wall around it that we got to walk on.  

Oh for the love of audio guides... :) 

Then we drove and checked into our hotel in Toledo where I did my reading.  Look at that view! 

Seriously this place isn't real.  I love Spain! The towns are so fun.  I'm the luckiest!