Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 51- Madrid

Today was our first full day in Madrid and I absolutely love it here.  It is still a huge city, but not quite as crowded as London.  The best! 

For breakfast we got these chocolate pastry things and they are to die for.  Breakfast of Champions. 

That day just happened to be the coronation of King Felipe. Here he is! 


After the parade we made our way over to the temple. Ah this place is beautiful! It is literally right next to the MTC, so i'll get to go lots. Yay! 

Hermana Marsh will be back very soon :)

Love my cute mom! 

We then did a city bus tour of Madrid.  My favorite part was seeing the Real Madrid stadium! I have a feeling i'm going to have a new obsession with soccer after my mission. 

See what I mean about the flags? They love spain! 

The palace was unfortunately closed, but we did get to see the outside and it is beautiful! Maybe one day i'll get to go inside it.  

Cutest parents in all the land! I'm the luckiest. 

The cathedral next to the palace was open though so we got to go inside.  Muy bonita!

Then we went to a modern museum.  HA. Those are funny. 

Favorite pic of the day- my mom telling my dad to suck in hahha!!! love this guy.  

I love Madrid and am so excited to get to spend some more time here! I'm not ready to leave.  The best day! 

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