Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 41- Johnny Boy!!!

Today marks one week until the program is over.  The most bittersweet feeling I have ever had! I'm making it a goal to make the most of every moment this week.  I can't believe how lucky I am to get to do this.  

First things first- I am officially in the double digits as of today.  Wahoo!!!  This semester abroad has helped me so much in preparing to serve a mission.  I am honestly getting so excited! Still have my freak outs, but overall I really am counting down the days to SPAIN!

After class we went to shake shack and oh my lantas it is amazing.

 Seriously one of the best burgers i've had.  I also ordered a peach & pecan concrete to go with it and it was absolutely delicious! 

We then did a little sight seeing.  Here I am on millennial bridge! A.K.A. the harry potter bridge :) Pretty view with St. Paul's in the back!  

Here I am in front of the Globe theater.  We ran into some missionaries on their P day and talked to them for about 15 minutes.  I can't wait to be one of them!! 

After dinner it was the moment we've all been waiting for... JOHN MAYER! 

They were handing out free soda so I grabbed one and saw it was diet coke.  I was feeling a little bold and decided to drink it even though I've never tried it before, and I actually like it.  After about three sips though, I felt guilty and threw it away.  I'll stick with my root beer :) 

A moment in history none the less. 

After a little ticket malfunction, we actually ended up with better seats at a cheaper price.  Wahoo! 

Waiting for the show to start! 

There was an extra seat next to me so meg was able to join us.  We were freaking out the whole concert together, i'm so glad I got to sit by her! 

THERE HE IS! Yes these were our seats.  So amazing! 

Oh my heart was so happy tonight. 

John Mayer was so impressive.  His concert was so clean, he was so generous, and is such a talented singer and guitarist! I was blown away.  He will be on repeat for the next 3 months.  

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  1. Good thing you looked so cute since you saw "the missionary" (insert kiss face emoji)