Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 38- Blarney Castle

Today was our one and only full day in Ireland- so we tried to make the most of it.  We got up and headed over to the Blarney Castle! I have never seen so much rain in my life, but that only made it nothing short of an adventure!

Here's the outside of the Blarney Castle!

Here we are in the inside of the Castle.  We even found some BYU fans! 

Do you see how green this is?! It's beautiful!! 

I kissed it I kissed it! This was actually kind of scary- gave me a little bit of a rush kissing upside down!

After the Castle we walked around the gardens after.  No words can describe how beautiful this place is!

We had a little pit stop to take some pictures.  This place really isn't even real.  

We got to stop buy the Blarney House as well.  This house was so cool and someone is actually living there! 

Here's an "individge" as Karley would say :)

After Blarney Castle we all met up and went to lunch.  This place was so yummy and had the best service.  We kind of lost track of time and ended up just talked for about 3 hours... whoops! One nice thing about being on a trip with no professors- we had our own schedule and it was so fun to just play things by ear with no stress!

After that we did some shopping (what we do best).  After wandering and doing a little bit of sight seeing, we decided we didn't want a repeat from last night so we just headed back to our apartment and ordered pizza.  We played games and had so many laughs tonight- I am so happy this group all come we seriously are having so much fun.  Ireland is amazing!! 

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