Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 56- Full day in Granada!

Sometimes we wake up at 11 in the morning... Today was one of those days haha! We are the worst.  

The thing about Granada is it is mainly a Muslim town so we branched out and tried a place for lunch.   It was so good! Yay for cous cous and hummus :) 

Seriously?! So so fun! 

After lunch we went and toured the gardens around the palace.  So beautiful! 

It was real real bright. 

After the gardens we got to go to the top of the Alhambra. That was one of my favorites I loved the views! 

He does a better serious face than I do haha lawl!

These are how some people post for pics... people are funny.  

First group pic! What!? We are the worst! 


My country!! 

He loves me lot.  Can't you tell?

We then went to the palace and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously the detail is incredible I absolutely loved it.  

Really?! Absolutely incredible! 

He's not wanting to be funny like me.  Don't want to offend Allah as he would say ;)

We're lookin real nice.  

Dad got his LLAOLLAO!! Hahaha this man loves his frozen yogurt.

I sound like a broken record- today was amazing! All the days are amazing I really feel so lucky.  So grateful for my dad (and Rick Steeves ;)) for planning all of this he's the best! 

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