Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 43- Oxford

Today was our last day trip.  I can't even believe it this semester has gone by soo fast! Our first stop was Blenheim Palace. 

This place was absolutely gorgeous! 

Also- I really love these two.  It's so funny some other the conversations we have, you'd think we've been friends for years.  I'm a little jealous they get to live together in the fall! That's okay- Spain will be great :) 

The Lake at the back of the Palace was gorgeous! My favorite part was the Rose Gardens.  They had lots of yellow ones that made me think of Emily! 

Here we are at Oxford! This place is HUGE! We spent the day looking around the campus, shopping, and taking a little nap on the grass in one of the colleges.  It was such a nice day! 

Before we headed back to London, we stopped and this mexican place to get some dinner.  If you can't tell, I enjoyed it ;) But really, what don't I enjoy... 

When we got home we had a bridal shower for the lovely Rachel Stott.  She's so great I love her and am so happy for her! Today was so fun I really am going to miss this place and these people so much.  Time goes by way too fast! 

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