Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 37- Travel Day

After class today, we packed our bags and made our trek to... IRELAND! Today was absolutely crazy so I didn't take any pictures, but I still have lots to write about.  I have been so excited for this trip, but I will be honest, I was also really nervous.  This was the first time that I have been on a big trip without adult supervision and it was to a foreign country that none of us have been to before.  After talking to some of the girls I could tell the feeling was mutual, so we said a group prayer and were off!  Everything went very smooth travel wise- we all made it on the airplane safely! I sat by a man who slept the whole time, so I needed to find something other than talking to occupy my time.  I decided to read my temple prep book and WOW I am so excited to go through the temple.  It is going to be the best day! 

After arriving in Ireland and waiting too long for the bus, we checked into our DARLING apartment.  It really was one of the cutest places I've stayed in and it fit 8 of us, so we were able to have lots of fun together! We then went and wandered to try and find a place for dinner.  Initially, we wanted to go to a pub.  After walking into a few, it was clear that an Irish pub was not the place for a group of BYU students ;) We ended up going to a Mexican place where everyone hated their meal except for me.  Mine was delicious! I guess not being picky has paid off.  We then went back home and stayed up way to late talking about boys.  Shocker right?! I absolutely love Ireland and am so happy to be here! It's the most beautiful place :) 

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