Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 35- Afternoon Tea & The Beatles

Today I felt like an absolute princess.  After class we went over to Kensington Palace (where Will and Kate live) and had some afternoon tea at the Orangery.  It was so so fun I would recommend it to anyone! 

The gardens in the front are absolutely beautiful!

Our yummy snacks to go with it! My personal favorite was the orange scone :)

Our tea- I got the red berries flavor and it was so yummy! It was fun to try a hot drink that wasn't hot chocolate.  

This was seriously one of my favorite things I have done all trip.  So so fun!!

After tea we came home and finished our paper then had some dinner.  Thais made us a brazilian dish that was basically Hawaiian haystacks, but brazilian style.  So yummy! 

After dinner, we went to Abbey Road to fill our Beatles obsession- I was thankful for Clayton today so I knew the songs :)

Here I am signing the wall! 

We had to- I don't even want to write how many times it took us to get this picture.  So so funny! All the cars hated us.  

Taking these pictures was seriously so hilarious.  We'd sprint out in the middle of the road, snap a pic, then sprint back laughing. Tonight was seriously so fun.

Today I did London tourist things that I have never done before and it was the best.  I'm am having the time of my life! 

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  1. These are super nice pictures! Love them and you!!