Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 55- Granada

The nice thing about this trip is we have our own time table.  We wanted to spend a little more time in Toledo so we did! 

Here we are at a museum (I can't remember that name dang it). 

After the museum we drove over to Granada! We had some lunch at the hotel.  Yay for TOAST! 

My dad might be the funniest person.  And this might be my favorite picture of him. 

Granada is such a cool city and the great thing about it is our hotel is right in the middle of everything! No joke- where Isabelle and Ferdinand used to be buried is in our hotel patio.  Okay?! So cool! 

Beautiful structures everywhere! Spain is the coolest. 

After exploring a little, we went into the city and did some wandering.  

We found the coolest theater!! I would love to watch Celine here.  It's way close to our hotel and we even got to hear a concert from our room one night! So great.  

Feeling a little pictured out if you can't tell :) 

There are buildings like this everywhere! I love Granada.  It's so fun to be with these two- they are the best! 

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