Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 46- Lion King

When I woke up today, I found a nice little friend known as Mr. Pink Eye.  AHHHH dang it.  Irritated eyes are no fun.  So, that means no make up for me which means I wasn't a picture Natzi today :) We woke up and went out to breakfast and it was so fun! I ordered a smoothie breakfast bowl kind of like the ones from jamba juice, so yummy! Then we made one last trip to Camden Market.  I was able to get some last minute gifts for my family. We grabbed some lunch then were off to the matinee of The Lion King.  Okay, I can normally keep it together, but this I was exceptionally emotional in this performance of Lion King.  Maybe it was my irritated eyes... sure... we'll blame it on that.  I didn't even make it to the part when mufasa dies I was bawling by the time Simba was screaming a Zazu for help.  I was a mess and was only slightly embarrassed.  After the play we went to my beloved indian restaurant and I was more than pleased.  I love that place! After that we came home and got some homework done and studied for finals.  We wanted to go watch the Italy England game, but it didn't start until 11 and we were all a little stressed out.  The FOMO is dying out! Despite the pink eye and not feeling so great, today was still such a great day.  I can't believe it is my last saturday!! So so sad.  Life is so fun here! 

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