Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 31- Chatsworth

Today was the last day of our North Trip.  The week has flown by! It's so weird how London feels like home, and these trips feel like a vacation.  

Meg and I in front of the Brontë house.  This was awesome, all of the furniture and books that the sisters used were still in there and we got to see it all!

After that, we went and saw the moors, which gave us a food idea for the setting of Wuthering Heights.  That is the second book that we are reading this semester.  

After that, we embarked to Chatsworth! This was so so so cool!! It was where they filmed Mr. Darcey's home in Pride and Prejudice and it looks exactly like it.  Made me miss wetty! 

They had really pretty gardens all around Chatsworth as well.  

Love this girl! 

Nicole and I- she has her mission call to France and has been so much comfort to me!

The second we got home we ran to Tex Mex (literally).  One pro of being a local is that they recognize you and give you hats when you come in haha :)

This trip was so so fun! We are so lucky to have been able to do everything that we did and so happy to be back in London. We are very grateful and very blessed! 

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