Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 39- Cork Jail and Shandon Bells

Today was our last day in Ireland- Ah so sad!!! This place has been absolutely amazing.  

We started the morning off with breakfast at The Holy Grain. Oh my gosh they had probably the best (and most unhealthy) pancakes i've ever had! They were basically fried and they tasted exactly like homemade donuts.  I felt absolutely sick after, but it was definitely delicious! 

Found my home in Ireland!

Today I made a serious decision and decided to not get ready at all.  It can be justified when you have matching sweat shirts :)

Our first stop today was the Cork City Jail.  This was so cool I felt like I was in prison break! 

Here we are locked in the cell (throw the key into the Nile as well). 

Group shot in front of the jail! Joe's brother Scott was able to join us- that was so fun he's the nicest.  

Pretty bridge on our way to the park- Love miss abbey! 

This is Daniel.  And he makes me so happy.  I can't have a conversation with him without laughing! 

Here we are at the park! 

Ah my LOVER!

After the park we went and got some of the yummiest milkshakes.  I'm the treat queen.

After shakes we went to ring the Shandon Bells and it was the funnest thing.  Here we are at the top! 

We had to wear these to protect our ears which made for some killer photographs.  

One the way down you can go into this room where all the bells are.  It was so loud, but it was really cool to be right there in front of all the action! 

Ringing the bells :) The lady at the bottom gave us a really good deal to get in and asked us to sing her a song.  We sang some hymns and for a bunch of BYU students, we didn't sound too bad! She loved it.   

After the bells we went and grabbed lunch/dinner at this bagel shop and then we were off! Daniel even got some alcohol at the airport ;) this trip was so fun I am so sad it is over! This was the best idea i'm so glad that we were able to do this.  So grateful for this opportunity! I love Ireland! 


  1. So so cute and so so fun!! Thanks Madison! You are the best!

  2. Throw the key into the Nile as well!!! Hahahaha oh my gosh your movie references always get me so good. Looks like the biggest adventure over there!!