Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 53- Segovia and Aliva

Today we started the day off at Segovia and I absolutely love this place.  It is absolutely stunning and I really hope I get to come back here sometime during my mission.  

Dad and I in front of the Roman Aqueduct

We went over to the palace/fort.  This was so beautiful! 

It is right at the end of the city and has some amazing views.  

New boyfriend :) 

 Then we went drove to Avila.  It was an old city with a huge wall around it that we got to walk on.  

Oh for the love of audio guides... :) 

Then we drove and checked into our hotel in Toledo where I did my reading.  Look at that view! 

Seriously this place isn't real.  I love Spain! The towns are so fun.  I'm the luckiest! 

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