Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 44- Bike Rides

Today was our last day of class wahoo! After a little field trip to the British Library, a few of us got to go to U.S. embassy. 

Here we are in front! This was actually really cool.  Part of me really likes government (the other part of me does not).  

After the embassy, we went to sloane square to go to a market.  We found out it was only open on Saturdays, but there was a tiffany's right by it so we went and explored a little bit.  I tried this bad boy on and I found my dream wedding ring.  Can you imagine this in gold?! Too bad its 10 grand HA!!! what a joke.  I am bummed I didn't take a picture, but they had one on the internet so here it is. 

After dinner we went for a little bike ride through Hyde Park.  Yes we match :)

I was feeling a little down today and this bike ride absolutely flipped my mood and made me realize how blessed I am.  When your feeling bummed- go for a bike ride! I was right back to normal when I got off I seriously felt so happy.  

We even made some friends from the Philippines and got a picture, but it was unfortunately on their phone.  People are nice.  After that we went and got milkshakes at tinseltown and oh my gosh it was amazing.  I have been having really bad allergies and it felt so great on my through and it was seriously so delicious! Today was a very great day :) 

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  1. Love you cute Madison!! Your Mom and Dad will be there in no time! What a great experience you've had.