Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

 Mi Familia!

Hi cute family. Happy to hear that everyone is doing well. I have to
start off saying thank you for your thoughts  and your prayers....
Ramber's  mom gave him permission and he is  getting  baptized this
Sunday! Oh it was the biggest miracle and the whole ward is  so
excited.  They announced it in church and the  whole  ward just gasped
haha it was the cutest thing.   We are so excited! So that  was our
big  miracle this  week. Stay tuned for pictures  next week!

The other miracle that happened this week was Sonia. We met with her
this  week and since last saturday she  has only smoked twice! And the
miracle is that she couldn''t even finish the  two that she started.
She has tried  quitting before,   but never had much  success. This
time  though,   she said that she literally felt sick  after and now
no longer  has the desires. So happy!! Sad that she is sick, but
prayer really does work! Her brother has been in  town and they have
been traveling   all over Spain so she  couldn't come to church. BUT.
He leaves tomorrow so she should  be  ready to go pronto :)

I  was spoiled rotten this week. After over a year I  got to be with
Hermana  Toone again! Oh I  love intercambios. We teach a lot better
than we did 16 months ago ;) She is such a great missionary and I feel
so grateful to have had her by my side through my whole mission. We
got to teach Nicole and Lenny when we were together and both lessons
went so well. Except they didn't come to church yesterday... We're
working on it though. We don't have much time with Nicole though
because she is going to Peru to visit her family for 2 months.
AWESOME. That's okay though she can meet with missionaries there with
her family.

We were very blessed this week with the worldwide missionary
devotional. It was amazing! One of the things I wanted to share with
you was what Elder Oaks shared. He was talking about repentance and
how when we repent, the Atonement not only CLEANSES us, but
STRENGTHENS us. It all clicked for me when he said that! Heavenly
Father knew we were going to make mistakes and guess what- we grow
from them! And that's why we are here! Heavenly Father's plan is
perfect. And I'm very grateful for repentance and hoping that I can
teach it better so my investigators understand the blessing that it

That wraps it up I think. We were very blessed to find lots of new
people to teach this week that I am really excited about. We are ready
to work hard this last week of the transfer so Hermana West can finish
strong. I'm grateful to work with her and everything that she teaches
me. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Marsh

Sleepover pics... :)
Our member failed on us so we met on their porch hahah Ramber!!! :)

 Llao Llao with one of my favorite people in the whole world!

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