Monday, May 25, 2015

More Pictures

Ok, I think we might be caught up after this post!  The more pictures, the happier the mom!

Yummy frozen lemonade :)
 Part time watch model as well as missionary. 
 Closest I got to going swimming haha! 
 Boats are fun! :)
 Here we are on the boat!! So so windy.
 Wind... Sister missionary probs. 

 District pic! 
 All the cute Hermanas in our Zone!
 Love my companion!!! 
 Cutest comp! 
 Hermana Costagliola! :) 
 Boat pic :) adios tenerife! 
 One  more in front of the boat!
 I have been debating on whether or not I wanted to send this home... I decided to be a big girl and hold the cat even though I was scared. Then it started hissing and so naturally I freaked out a little. And like any good companion would do, Hermana Rossberg caught the attack in action. 
Like I said before, I really don´t like cats. 

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