Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hola mis cariños :)

Oh I love mondays it is so fun to hear from all of you! It sounds like everything is going great. Thank you for all of the emails and videos, there really is nothing better as a missionary! Love you all so much. This week was SO good. I can´t wait to tell you all about it! 

I have to start with Yamilka. I love this woman so so much! We met with her thursday and taught about fasting. We invited her to fast with us saturday and sunday to try and help her feel more prepared for baptism and she agreed! The best part was there was a baptism saturday night and she came! We were able to meet with her after and she is doing so well. She still wants to be more sure, but she has the desires and is doing her part. I am so excited for her! The best part is she even came with us to eat at a members house after church yesterday. We were together for 7 hours! I hope she isn´t sick of us haha :) I wish you guys could meet Yamilka. Maybe one day! She really is incredible.

I also have a great update with Cristiani! We had such a powerful lesson this week and she agreed to start looking for a new job. We have been working with some ward members and will hopefully have some options in the next few weeks :) The best part is she brought her daughter to church yesterday! She lives in the South and Cristiani woke up at 5 in the more to go get her. She is 10 years old and she is darling! She even came in a skirt for the first time too :)

I had a tender mercy this week too! There was one day where I was really missing my sister (i´m a baby I know... you´d think about 16 months I would be used to it!). We were walking home for the night and just before we entered our piso, we decided to talk to this girl on the bench. She was from Italy! She spoke no spanish or english and I obviously don´t speak italian, but we were able to have a little conversation :) We got her number and passed it to the missionaries in the Rome Mission so we will have to see! Fun little miracle for me :)

We had lots of little miracles this week too. We found about 3 or 4 people with family connections to the church this week contacting, we received 2 member references, and had a lot of success working with antiguo investigators. I am really excited for this next week to see how they progress! 

So fun to read that you got my video from Willy Roka! Oh I seriously love that family so much. They feed us every fast sunday, so just so you can now know that I am taken care of during that time :) The members here really are awesome. And they love Doug! It has been so fun to find connections with everyone and get to know the people here a little better.

We are headed to Madrid wednesday and I could not be more excited! Reading steph´s email this week was a nice little preview :) I love you all so much thank you for everything. Seriously I have the best family in the world. See you SATURDAY!!! Wahoo!!!

hermana marsh 
I love this beautiful island! 
Cristiani got me army print leggins... hahaha I love this woman :) 
  Last district meeting with the larsens... oh we will miss them!! 

 We did a little gardening this week :)
 Pretty view on the way to lunch with some of my favorite members!
 Soccer with the elders! I scored twice wahoo! 

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