Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Mi Familia :)

Hi hi hi everyone! So fun to hear from everyone and that everything is going well. Your trips and adventures sound amazing! Always a highlight to hear from you guys- the absolute best!

I am writing you from Tenerife! We have our Zone Conference tomorrow and took a boat in this morning. I was not excited for waking up early for a three hour boat ride, but it ended up being so fun. Putting a big group of missionaries together always ends up being great :) We got here and played soccer with all of the missionaries, got some lunch, and now are writing! We´ll work here tonight, then have the conference tomorrow. Stay tuned :) Hermanas Costagliola and Santiago are here and I am on cloud 9!

This week was a great one for us in Las Palmas.  I need to start with Yamilka! We were able to have a great lesson with her this week and were able to talk a little bit about her testimony. She knows the church is true and loves everything about it, she just wants to be more sure with her decision. We moved her date back a little and are going to do everything we can to help her feel ready. She really is incredible you guys you need to meet her one day! We met in her house for the first time this week (normally we meet in the chapel after english class) and she has such an amazing spirit about her. You can´t help but be happy when you are around her! The best. I feel so blessed to be her missionary!

Remember Ana? She´s legit! We were able to meet with her this week and got to know her a little better and she really needs the gospel. I have always know the gospel was amazing and everything, but this week it really hit me how much the gospel blesses peoples lives. I hear there situations and my heart just aches for them. But there is help! And it is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. There really isn´t anything better and I am so thankful to share that message with others.

We worked a lot in the area book this week and we found a miracle! Her name is Rocio and she is awesome. We met with her this week and she said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and is willing to do her part to feel more sure about the church. She wasn´t able to come to church yesterday, but we have another appointment set up with her this week and I am really excited to see her progression. The cutest little 22 peruvian- I already love her! I fall in love with my investigators way too fast haha but they are just so cute!

Cristiani is doing okay. She has been needed to travel to Tenerife a lot these last two weeks, but we were finally able to meet with her yesterday. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon everyday and still loves meeting with us, just hard to find the time to come to church. My patience with the agency of other people has really been tested this week, but I know The Lord has a plan. She really is such an incredible person! 

And for the funny thought: I said a bad word in English class this week. I was trying to explain the he she and it form of a word, and accidently combined the last two... Good thing my companion is the only one who can understand English :) It was terrible haha I still feel awful about it. Also, I am old on the mission! A taylor swift song came on the other day that I had never heard before. Apparently she has a new album.  Good thing I have a companion to feel me in on those things haha! 

I think that is about it for this week. We have had lots of miracles with our less actives and that has been so amazing to see. The barrio here is so great and I feel so grateful to be serving here.  The church is true. I know it I know it!! And I love it :) I am so thankful for the blessing to be a missionary. I can´t imagine what life would be like without this experience. I am so thankful for all of your love and support, I really couldn´t do this without you guys. Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon! Os amo :)

Hermana Marsh 

P.S. Feeling real dumb over here because I FORGOT my stinkin camara in Las Palmas. Pictures next week I swear!! 

2 pics from Hermana Rossbergs camera. 

Hermana Rossberg and her companions :)
 We recruited another spartan!! m h s goooo m h s!! 

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