Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016


I just finished reading your emails and I can't even believe how soon
I get to hold you guys. It's a good thing I love you so much or this
going home thing would be really hard. I still have one more week
though and that's a long time! I'm reminded about what the Savior did
in just a few days and then I feel a lot better about this last week I
have a missionary. But first things first! I'll tell you about this
last week :)

So remember how I said that I had my last intercambio? Yeah that was a
big lie hah! There was a miscommunication and one of the zones didn't
get assigned sister training leaders, so the next zone over is in
charge... us! So 3 more intercambios the last week and a half of the
transfer. AH! I was feeling really stressed out until I found out that
Hermana Berry got to come with me :) That was SO FUN! I got to be with
my baby again! We have grown so much in the last year. She is
seriously the sweetest person I have ever met and it was so fun to be
with her again. And this week I get to be with Hermana Baxter :) She's
my friend from BYU and I can't think of a better way to finish our
missions. Stay tuned!

Gerardo is doing great. We set his fecha back to the 18th so we would
have time to teach everything and his response was the best. A lot of
people say maybe or i'll try, but Gerardo said, "I will be prepared
for that day!" And has been talking about it ever since. He's so
excited it's the cutest thing. Every lesson is always a great one with

Aga just has my heart. She really does! She is down to one cigarette
now. Almost there! Then we need to address the law of chastity... but
she really had made so much progression! She'll get baptized one day
soon. She's so excited to meet mom and dad. She's been talking about
it for the last two weeks! So excited for you to meet her.

We have two great new investigators that were member references and
they are great. The first one is Aldo and the second is Clotilde.
There really is such a difference between the lesson we have with and
without members. So you all have a job (and me soon too!). Find the
missionaries and go out on a lesson with them. There are very few
things more powerful!

We have a goal to meet the members and we came up with a new message
to share with them during our visits with them. We have been watching
the last 5 minutes of Grandfathers talk "Ask the Missionaries!" and it
has been so wonderful. Whether we help them with their genealogy,
visiting teaching, or teach their friends, we have already seen the
results. So thank you Grandfather! Plus it's a fun excuse to see him
for a few minutes every day :)

Okay I think that is about it. I love love love being a missionary.
And I am SO grateful for my companion. She is an absolute angel and
i'm so thankful for her patience with me! The mission is shaping me
into the person that my Heavenly Father wants me to be and I can't
think of anything better. I love it here. The people here have my
heart! I'm ready to give my everything to them this last week. Thank
you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful week :) Love you!

Hermana Marsh

The handouts we've been giving to the members during our visits with
them :) it allows us to serve our wonderful members more and it gives
me an excuse to see a little clip from my cute grandfather everyday!

 A few of my favorite members at church yesterday :)

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